Remote System using Remote Rig

This is my present remote.

Not very neat but since I don't operate from there....everything is accessible.

On the wall to the left is an AUBE controller, then the Digital Loggers web power switch.

On the desk on the left is a UPS back up power system. Then a plain vanilla Dell computer.

The TS 480 control head is visible just to the right of the keyboard.

The main body of the TS 480 with the RRC box on top is next.

The Alpha 87a linear is on the right with a ..........web accessible power swr meter and an Alpha DAS antenna selector

This is a close up of the body of the TS 480 with the RRC box sitting on top. As you can see there are two cables (left side of radio) that connect from the radio body and the RRC box. Both of these cables use modular plugs...one RJ11 and one RJ45.

The other cables that are plugged into the radio are for the linear keying and the mic in and audio out to the computer so the system can be used with "conventional" remoting systems using a remote desktop software program and Skype for audio. The white DB9 plug goes to the computer so the radio can be operated from the computer using the Kenwood ARCP (CAT) software...or you could use HRD etc.

Another view

Below is a picture showing how the audio from the radio is connected to the computer...mic in and audio out.


This is a commercial property that I own. The big mansard looking building at the back is an old three screen theater building. The building is almost vacant, we use part as a workshop and I have my remote station in a little room on the second floor. If the economy recovers we could add self storage units inside the building...but that may be a while. The new metal buildings are located in the theater parking lot.

My HEX beam is on top of the right side of the old building....can you see it?

There is also a 75M and 40M dipole on the roof. I have room.....the roof area is about 28,000 sq ft.

A little closer.....the HEX beam is "almost" visable.

With the sky as a background the antenna is visible. This is a great stealth antenna ....especially if there are trees in the area. This HEX beam is from K4KIO

It works great.....I would highly recommend it...and the price is right too.