The quad that is no more!
This idea came about because I have always wanted to compair the operation of a quad with a yagi.

I have had an old Gem quad (in storage) and looked at the tower and said....I could put that quad on the very top of the mast over the top of the 20M beam....ok, a lot of work ....but I can do this!

So, I did it.

The problem was that the quad and the yagi got into a fight....rf fight that is....neither ant worked as well as if they were on different towers and both worked poorly.

The moral of the story is is don't mix quads and yagis on the same tower.

Perhaps someday I will put up a second tower and then try this using two towers and not have the inteaction of the beams.

Mess of wires
Rasing of the Quad 6/09/02

At best quads are a challenge to get up.... but putting one over the top of an existing 5 element 20 meter KLM mono band 42ft. boom ant is pushing the limits....but it worked...with a little help from a friend and a small lifting platform.

A little extra lift
The lift needed an extra lift!
Going up
Standing tall
Going up......
Final positioning The lift was about 6 ft short of what was actually needed.
Final position and hook up. The 20M beam is visable below the quad.

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