Update: May 23, 2007

This Hilo system has changed extensively.

I now use just a Kenwood TS-480HX (200 watt) and no linear.

Keeping the Alpha 87a going and dealing with the numerous faults from unknown sources was just too much to manage. Also, my beam is located about 45 ft from my neighbor’s house. They have old TVs and 1500 watts was just too much.

I plan to update this site with the new layout for the simplified Hilo site. However I am leaving this information up for now to help others in setting up remotes. This is a very complicated remote...but I when I am "off island"....I am at least 2400 miles from the station. This requires extensive additional remote controls.....see the section on the Aube controller.

The section on the 480 remote is a simpler system and may help with setting up a 480 remote.

I also ordered a new LP-100 watt meter from N8LP, Larry while at Dayton.

I will also report on the testing of this new product too.

Larry has a great product line and has been a great help to me. Check out his web site at www.telepostinc.com

I plan a major revamp of this entire web site and in the near future.

I will then detail what I am doing in Redding to control the radio without a computer at the remote (radio) end. Eliminating the computer at the remote end removes many potential causes of system failure.

While a Dayton this year I spoke with John Henry, the software engineer in charge of the OMNI VII project. They are working out the bugs in the VOIP portion and how to report changing IP addresses.

I have one on order and expect delivery in July. I will test it and post my analysis of how well it works later in the summer.

If it works as advertised this will make setting up a remote “plug and play”.

Stay tuned for updates….and feel free to email me if you have any questions.


This is the overall system layout and details of the external interface that I constructed to allow switching the radio, linear and ant. relay....along with the remote readout metering to indicate the status of the devices and power output.

I use the RigBlaster Pro from West Mountain Radio for audio isolation and PTT control.

I also use the WaveNode WN-1 to facilitate remote metering of the power out, SWR, and supply voltages.

The WaveNode also allows me to do remote switching of power supplies and antenna selection. One of the nice things about the WaveNode interface is that it uses the parallel port on the computer.

At first I used a serial to USB converter to connect the TS 2000 to the computer, since there was no second DB9 serial port available on the computer. I now have a new computer built just for this remote station ...it has two parallel ports and five serial ports. I will not have to use the USB to serial coverters....some work and some don't ...

I am working on getting the diagrams to show up better on the web site...09/10/05

Below is a detail of the remote inteface that I constructed for this project. The schematics for the transistor switching circuits and the Op Amp metering circuits can be found on the WaveNode web site. I have made small changes to suit this project, but it's very close to what Alan at WaveNode designed.