Remote HF station operation….the challenge:

With more Hams living in condos, on smaller lots and in antenna restricted areas, operating a remote HF station via the Internet is quickly gaining popularity.

While controlling a remote HF station is not new, with the advent of the Internet and VOIP technology, this has become a viable alternative to the “in city” antenna farm.

As more and more cities, counties and neighborhoods are enacting tower/antenna control ordinances/rules which make installing towers and other visible antennas more difficult if not impossible we hams are finding the continuing pursuit of our hobby in great jeopardy.

We need to find to control a remote HF station using very slow data networks.

Cost is an issue but its not as much about saving money as much as its about having many more locations available for the remote site and its great antennas.

With the advent of celluar systems 3G and 4G we now have more options available. I don't have acurate data on the net data used for an hour of remote operation. You are typically charged for the data....not for the connect time. This may not be true in all systems, but the ones I am familar with charge only for actual data sent and received.

Many of the semi remote sites that will allow (or get away with) installation of a tower and beam(s)….just do not have the availability of high speed broadband connections.

I will post the best responses on my web site and if this discussion warrants an ongoing newsgroup site, I’m sure we will find a spot on the internet to exchange ideas.