Update: 01/17/05


Remote operation using the Kenwood ARCP 2000 software.

(Note: I use the Kenwood ARCP 2000 software only to turn the radio on and off. So far as I know that is the only software that will turn the radio on and off. But...I like the Ham Radio Delxue radio control program for actual operating. So...after turning the radio on...I close the ARCP program and bring up the HRD program. To shut down...I do the reverse. Some what of a proceedure...but it works. Perhaps HRD will add the function to allow turning the rig on and off.)


Use “B” menu on radio. Menu “A” is also usable depending on the settings.

The audio out cable from the Kenwood 2000 ACC2  port is hooked into the RBP R11 Audio In jack.


The supplied mic jumper cable is connected from the front panel round mic connector on the 2000 to the RJ 45 jack on the back of the RBP (Rig Blaster Pro).


R9 Line In, on the RBBP is connected to the green spkr output on the computer sound card.


R10 Line Out on the RBBP is connected to the pink, mic in jack on the computer sound card.


R8 Comp spkrs Out on the RBP is connected to the external amplified computer spkrs.



Host computer setup:


Audio control panels set as follows…


The key part here is that the Microphone must be Muted.  This prevents feedback “in the sound card”. 


The main volume control on this panel controls the audio fed to the mic on the radio…it wants to be set very low.



RigBlaster Pro settings:

The process switch must be on.

No headphones may be plugged into the RBP nor an extra mic.

Level control on the front of the RBP controls the audio going to the mic input.


Recording panel as follows:


Select the Microphone check box….Not as shown above..


Changing the level of the Line In control varies the amount of audio going from the radio receiver to the network and thus the level of receive audio at the remote computer.


Remote computer:

At the Remote computer the panels are set as follows:

Play Controls:



The Mic must be muted. 

This does not control the amount of audio fed to the transmitter.


The main volume control the level of audio received from the radio and into the headset.

Using the RigBlaster Pro:



On the Remote computer:


Recording Control Panel:


Select Mic. and enable the 20db boost.


Other controls are left alone.




Connecting via internet.


VNC viewer 

Enter the destination IP address in the “Server:: box  press OK  presently it is

There is no need to enter a port number.

Enter the Password in the next box 8kuikahi5  press ok


This will bring up the remote desktop.


To drop the VNC link….click the top right “X” on the desktop.


SmartHome Manager.

Dbl clk “All Devices”  this will list the two options ….RadioPower and Linear.

Right click i.e Radio and a flyout menu will appear and allow On or Off….Select “On”

This will echo back “on” on the status display in the center of the SmartHome mngr window.

Turning the linear on and off is the same…but the linear has been known to not come on every time….so send two turn on commands.

Note: the linear can only be used on 20M and on Ant 1.  After bringing up the linear…hit “AT Tune”


Bring up the Kenwood ARCP 2000 program.

Click the “Con” (connect) button …..next to the Power button.  A little yellow lite should come on within the button to show the computer is connected to the radio. 

Click the Power button….and the radio should turn on and show the frequency display.


To turn the radio off….press the “Power” button then the “Con” button.


From the remote desktop …click on Skype


Select Ron from call list and dbl click

This will initiate a call from the remote back to “Ron” in CA.


A Skype dialog box will pop up on the remote computer and indicate that there is an incoming call.   Answer the call, or if the remote is set to auto answer…it will answer.


To terminate the Skype call….click the hang up icon on the remote computer.


This will start the audio from the remote receiver.


Remote hard reset of the computer:


Using the CT241 Telephone controller …first dial the actual phone number of the remote site….let the phone ring one time and hang up.

Call again within 30 seconds….the CT241 will answer …with three short blips.

Enter the pin ………the system will respond with two beeps.

Enter the relay (output) number and the system will echo back the status…a long beep indicates that the relay is open and two beeps indicates that it’s closed.

To change the state of the relay press * and the system will echo back either one or two beeps.


To end the session ….press #0


Ending the remote session:


ARCP 2000, click on power button. This turns the radio off. 

Click on the “Con” button.  This drops the connection from the local computer to the radio.

Close the ARCP 2000 window.

Click the “hang up” icon in the Skype window.

Click the remote desktop close box….”X” in top right corner of window.