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About six years ago we moved from Eureka CA to the island of Maui.

Can't beat the weather....but its an island and small and the rest of the family is on the mainland. the spring of 2017 we moved to a new home, on 5 acres, near Oregon City, Or. We still go to Maui in the winter to escape the cold/wet Portland weather.

I also still have a 200 watt TS 480 remote in Eureka, CA

Direct link to the Maui remote site....KH6AH

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Last update Nov 2017

Remote radio systems, history

PC Micro expierence

Elecraft K3 ...K0mini remote

Miscellaneous Equipment considerations

Setup notes for the Remote Rig system

Next chapter 11/2017...Flex 6300 and Maestro

Maui weather Oregon City, OR
Oregon City, OR
Older...KH6AH Hilo, Hawaii Internet Remote TS 2000

Older...KY6N Fortuna remote operation TS 480

This is the new QTH in Oregon City, OR. New tower is at left. Dipoles for lower bands run between the trees.
This is a past QTH......Fortuna CA. I keep this picture up because it was such a great location.
This is a view from the the tower location....looking south west and west. The Pacific Ocean is about 5 miles from the tower. Unfortuantly I no longer live at this location.....probably the best radio location I will ever have.

The Ferndale Valley is famous for its quaint victorian town and is a major dairy center. The river that flows through the valley is the Eel River, seasonal home to Salmon and Steelhead.

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What I do for a living.

The self storage business I started about 43 years ago and I am involved in the operation on a daily basis also. In addition I try to catch a trout now and then.......and have even been known to chase a little white ball around a cow pasture once in a while.

This is the new RV as of October 2003. It an Alpenlite 32ft. .......well and I also had to have a new Chev DuraMax to pull it with....